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Product name : Tempered Glass
Item : Float glass-Tempered
Price : Negotiable
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Definition of Tempered Glass
Tempered glass is produced by heating glass to a high temperature (at 650℃, becomes soft) and then quenched. This changes its molecular structure where compressive stress is formed on glass surface and tensile stress is formed at the core. The mechanical strength is increased by several times.

Definition of Heat Strengthened Glass
The production of heat strengthened glass is similar to that of tempered glass. It is heated to a temperature around 650℃ but is a little lower than that of tempered glass. Besides, the quenching speed is also slower. Its strength is lower than tempered glass but is about twice that of annealed glass. When broken. It will break into bigger pieces like annealed glass and it is not regarded as safety glass. The flexural strength of heat strengthened glass is smaller than tempered glass. But heat strengthened glass is more heat resistant than annealed glass.

Equipment and Processing Capability
Xinyi has 10 tempered glass production lines of different specifications from renowned suppliers of China and Finland such as TAMGLASS and GLASSROBOTS. The Finnish made GLASSROBOTS FTM glass tempering furnace adopts the latest and most advanced forced convection/radiation heating technology in tempering low-e glass. With forced convection heating, it can evenly heat up the inner and outer of glass in shorter time (the heating rate is increased significantly where the heating time is reduced by 30%). This overcomes the difficulties in heating up coated glass in common tempering furnace as coated glass reflects radiation. As the heating time is shorter, the coated glass will have better flatness and reduce the chance of coating damage as well as the reduction of defects like roller mark and spot caused by long heating time in the tempering process. Therefore, the tempered glass produced has better optical quality.

◆ Glass thickness: 3mm-25mm
◆ Minimum size: 300mm﹡300mm
◆ Maximum size: 2400mm﹡7500mm

Annual capacity is 5,000,000m2 which is one of the biggest in China.

◆ Tempered glass is safety glass. It is widely used in areas which high mechanical strength and safety are required. For example glass door, curtain wall, windows, interior partition, furniture, as well as partition installed closed to heat source and places subject to severe thermal shock.
◆ As heat strengthened glass seldom has spontaneous breakage, it is widely used in glass curtain wall, greenhouse, partition and decoration.

Product Certification
◆ National compulsory 3C certification
◆ Australia AS/NZS 2208 certification
◆ U.K. BS6206 certification
◆ U.S. ANSI Z97.1 certification
◆ SGCC certification
◆ Japan JIS certification

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